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The configuration for UxbTransform is stored in an xml file in the currently user's App Data path. The configuration holds elements to describe the connected devices, application profiles, and the gesture mappings for each application. There is also a default application, any mappings placed here will be applied to all applications.


This example shows the configuration to map a mouse flick to the left to the browser back command in firefox. The process name is equivalent to what appears in the windows task manager without the .exe extension. The process name ALL is used only for the default application profile.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Device name="Mouse" type="MouseDevice" index="0" />

    <Application processName="ALL" name="Default">
      <GestureMappings />

    <Application name="Firefox" processName="firefox">
          <Gesture type="FlickGesture">
              <Set property="Button" value="{DeviceBinding Path=Right, Name=Mouse}" />
              <Set property="Cursor" value="{DeviceBinding Path=Cursor, Name=Mouse}" />
              <Set property="FlickDirection" value="Left" />
            <Modifiers />
          <Command name="BackCommand" commandSet="BrowserCommandSet">
            <Properties />


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