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UxbTransform monitors all configured and connected devices for any input that is received. The input is then checked against a set of configured gestures -- if the input matches any gesture a command will be run. Independent configuration profiles can be applied to each application, additionally there is a default profile that will be applied to all applications. Learn more about the using and extending the application at the documentation page.



To install UxbTransform download and unzip the latest release for either the x86 or the Any Cpu platform. To use the Xna framework for gamepad support the x86 release is required. Plug-In assemblies should be placed in the extensions folder. Xbox 360 controller support is available in the downloads section.

v3.5 of the .net framework is required

Default Configuration

The default configuration for this project includes usage samples for the Firefox and Internet explorer web browsers. Using the defaults UxbTransform will add the following Opera-like mouse gestures to perform operations on the web browsers:
  • Hold the right mouse button and flick left to browse to the previous page in history.
  • Hold the right mouse button and flick right to browse to the next page in history.
  • Hold the right mouse button and scroll the mouse wheel to switch tabs.

The user configuration will be stored in the config.xml file that is stored under the UxbTransform folder in App Data. The xml contents of the configuration can also be viewed by checking the Xml tab in the gui.


UxbTransform has a plug-in model based on the Managed Extensibility Framework, and has many extensibility points. Plug-in assemblies can be added to the extensions folder and will be inspected for extensions upon application load. Adding any new extension assemblies will require an application restart. Extensibility is available in the following areas:

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